WideRange Tones

Red Panda Lab

We design and manufacture musical instrument effects for experimentally-minded musicians. We focus on digital signal processing to create effects that warp, twist, and bend sound without losing the underlying musical quality and control.

We create digital algorithms that behave in natural, organic ways without being direct models of analog circuits. We push hardware to its limit, developing new signal processing techniques to help you explore sound. Our products are the result of an iterative design process that takes 12-24 months. The result is a set of seamless features with an efficient, intuitive interface, high-quality sound, and unique character.

We are a small company that uses automated manufacturing to improve reliability and minimize monotonous, repetitive work. Our circuit boards are assembled in the USA using surface mount components and automated assembly for improved performance and reliability. Our enclosures are CNC milled and powder coated at a factory in Canada. We finish soldering, assembling and testing each pedal at our workshop in Detroit.

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