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TG Microphone - Chandler Limited

Solid-state, large diaphragm condenser microphone featuring the legendary TG sound – a ‘Dual Tone’ voicing system, and on-board NAB/IEC ‘Tape Equalizer’ facility.

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TG Microphone - Chandler Limited

The Chandler EMI Abbey Road Studios TG Microphone is a modern classic — a solid-state large diaphragm condenser microphone capable of rivaling some of the most popular mics of all time. This stunning synergy of vintage vibe and contemporary innovation perfectly captures the iconic TG tone and implements a number of cutting-edge features.


The TG Microphone introduces a unique on-board EMI ‘Tape Equalizer’ section, adapted from the NAB/IEC tape equalizer found on vintage EMI TG mastering desks. Originally used to compensate for the unique EQ curves found on 15 ips and 30 ips tape machines, EMI’s Tape Equalizer provides ample analog warmth.

This powerful tone-shaping tool has been repurposed in the TG Microphone, allowing engineers to sculpt their sound at the source. Perfect for recording radio-ready vocals, the TG Microphone delivers sounds that will leave your FET47, C414, U87, and U47 mics collecting dust.


The TG Microphone delivers a distinctly colorful, yet highly versatile sound that’s perfect for capturing any instrument. Featuring a unique 'Dual Tone System' for extended flexibility, the TG Microphone is capable of capturing a wide range of sound sources. TG Microphone also features selectable cardioid and omni pickup patterns for even more sonic variety.

System 'A' offers the classic TG mid-forward sound—perfect for vocals and acoustic instruments. The alternate 'B' voicing excels at handling extreme SPLs and sounds great on kick drums, bass instruments, guitar amps, brass and more—similar to the legendary FET47. TG Microphone is also equipped with a -10 dB pad for those moments when you really need to crank it up to 11.


The TG Microphone also includes a dedicated power supply (PSU), eschewing the use of traditional 48 V phantom power to provide a larger-than-solid-state sound. TG Microphone also includes a custom shock mount, 25’ Mogami 4-pin mic cable and wooden storage case.

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