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WideRange Tones

Electric - Recovery Effects

Transparent Drive / Compression.

Electric - Recovery Effects

Gorgeous and transparent drive / compression. Hand-wired using the finest quality new-old-stock and USA made parts whenever possible. This pedal does it all from a slight boost / compression to a nice, warm and light overdrive. Perfect for a first stage overdrive or boost pedal. Switchable transistors allow you to move back-and-forth between modern and vintage tones, using a BC547 and oil-can style BC108. Although it includes a bypass switch, you will never use it. 

The Electric uses hand-picked new old-stock transistors, and is hand-made in Seattle, WA with U.S.A. parts whenever possible. It operates on a standard “Boss” style 9vdc power supply, but can also run at 18vdc for additional headroom. True bypass switching. It includes a full-lifetime warranty.

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