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WideRange Tones

Lotus Pedal Designs

Find your own tone.

Every guitarist has their own tone, be it totally unique or inspired by a favorite guitarist. A musician's best tools are his ears, and I've been using mine to find incredible tone for 20 years, both as a musician and as a recording/live sound engineer. I've spent a decade as a tech for Crane Song LTD, a boutique pro audio manufacturer, learning how to design a circuit with excellent tonal characteristics.

Over this time, I bought a lot of boutique effects pedals, looking for something with unbelievable tone and coming up empty.  I decided to stop looking and start building. In 2009, I started designing my own circuits. Now I have a full line of pedals with killer tone, with more in the works.


Keep it simple.

I design Lotus Pedals to be simple, because I want to keep your focus on playing guitar, not fiddling with your gear. Turn the knobs, find a tone that suits your style, and play. It's as easy as that.