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Witch Shifter - Dwarfcraft Devices

Continues the strong legacy harkening back to the top-selling Wizard of Pitch.


This pedal is not your Grandma’s pitch shifter. It will do the basics, like smoothly shifting your signal from down one octave to up one octave, but it will also make your guitar or synth sound like a confused machine with the “Scatter” toggle or you can go with a doppler effect with the Bend control. You can freeze the audio buffer with the “DinDin” switch, allowing for endless glitched out repeats.

Dwarfcraft has taken the basic concepts from the Wizard of Pitch, cleaned them up and added some goodies. It is the smoothest, cleanest pitch pedal they’ve released, but there is a Fuzz control that will allow you to go from pristine clean all the way to blown out digital destruction. If you want the Wizards lofi hiss, you’ll find it at around 10 o’clock on the dial.

Since everything is better with delay, the magicians at Dwarfcraft have added delay controls in the secret menu.

You’ll also find upgrades like true bypass soft switching, top mounted jacks, and expression control over the Pitch and Speed. As our ol’ pal Aen says “come and take a seat in the Witch’s hut and learn to make magic.”

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