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Audio Kitchen

Audio Kitchen is a tiny boutique amp brand from the UK. Despite their modest beginnings, the company has really made a name for itself over the last few years with its stylish mini valve amplifiers and pedals.


Steve Crow is the designer and builder for Audio Kitchen amps, and his eight-year-old daughter hand paints every box. Coming from a pro sound engineering background, as well as being a guitarist, has informed Steve’s attitude towards amp and pedal design. He feels that nothing flatters the tone of a guitar or bass so much as a valve grid, so that’s what he uses in all his products.


What’s your proudest moment as a maker?

“That’s tough. Angus and Malcolm Young saying they wanted Little Choppers. Sitting in Hyde Park, watching Kings Of Leon using Base Choppers and playing to 60,000 people. Watching Radiohead in Manchester with Ed O’Brien using twin Big Choppers. Reeves Gabrels headlining Glastonbury with The Cure last year. Queens Of The Stone AgeFoo Fighters, The Edge, Al Moulder and FloodFoalsDeath Cab For Cutie, Justin Vernon, Jacknife Lee, the list goes on.

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