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Ace Octave Fuzz - Wren and Cuff

Precise recreation of the famous “Acetone FM-2 Professional”.

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Ace Octave Fuzz - Wren and Cuff

For two years the Wren and Cuff Ace Octave Fuzz was exclusively available in Japan. This precise recreation of the famous “Acetone FM-2 Professional” (a division of Roland in the 1970's), has now become available worldwide.

The dark horse star of the 2016 NAMM show, this bold, versatile octave-up fuzzer can get tones that no other oct-up pedal can, especially once the player goes beyond the 12th fret. Much different than the Tycobrahe Octavia or Univox Superfuzz, this pedal has a tone that is unique among octave fuzzers, and can stack well with other pedals without turning to complete mush.


• Much less noise than original
• Neg (-) tip 2.1mm power supply
• True “hard-wire” bypass, 100% isolated signal passing (NO relays)
• Super fine assembly, components, hand-made in Los Angeles, CA
• Lifetime warranty

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