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Remote 4 - Red Panda

Remote switch with 4 modes to access presets and pedal functions.

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Remote 4 - Red Panda Remote 4 - Red Panda Remote 4 - Red Panda

Scribble strips above each switch can be labeled with a Sharpie and erased using isopropyl alcohol.

Connects to the Tensor or Particle v2 via a 1/4" TRS cable (included). The Tensor firmware needs to be version 1.1 or later. The Remote 4 does not require power.

Size: 10" x 2.75" x 2.25" high

Remote switch modes

Mode Switch Function
1 A Preset 1 (hold to save)
B Preset 2 (hold to save)
C Preset 3 (hold to save)
D Preset 4 (hold to save)
2 A Left footswitch
B Right footswitch
C Preset 1 (hold to save)
D Preset 2 (hold to save)
3 A Record / Overdub
B Play / Stop
C Play Once
D Toggle TIME & PITCH (tap) Toggle SPEED (double tap)
4 A Toggle SPEED knob
B Toggle TIME knob
C Toggle PITCH knob
D Toggle RAND knob

Loop Sampler (Remote Mode 3)

Mode 3 is designed to use the Tensor as a loop sampler with live loop manipulation. Switches A-C control loop record, overdub, play, and retrigger functions. Switch 4 toggles between the current knob settings and the default (normal playback settings). For example, you can set SPEED to reverse and PITCH to -1 octave for instant access to reverse and half-speed effects. See the user's manual for complete details.

Configuring the Remote Switch:

  1. Start with the pedal powered on and nothing plugged into the CTRL port.

  2. Hold the right footswitch while plugging in the remote switch. The right LED will blink yellow 3 times to indicate it is in CTRL configuration mode. You can release the right footswitch and begin configuration immediately.

  3. Press one of the buttons on the remote switch to select a mode.

  4. Hold the right footswitch for 2 seconds to save the configuration. The right LED will blink green to

    indicate that the configuration has been saved.

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