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Dizzy Bird 1 Watt Reverb - Benson Amps

The Dizzy Bird is the Tall Bird Reverb and Vinny 1 watt amp in a single enclosure.

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Dizzy Bird 1 Watt Reverb - Benson Amps Dizzy Bird 1 Watt Reverb - Benson Amps

The Dizzy Bird can be used in a few different ways.

1.  Use the Tall Bird and the Vinny sections completely independently...on different sources.

2.  Use the Tall Bird into the Vinny...these are internally connected in this order when you plug into the input on the front and use the direct or speaker outs on the back.

3.  Use the Vinny into the Tall Bird by running an instrument cable from the direct out on back into the input on the front, and use the output on the front going to another amp. The speaker output on the back can still be used, but the signal would be without reverb. This is nice for a wet-dry setup.



  •    Tubes: 3x12AX7s 1x12AU7 1xEL84
  •    1 Watt output into 8 ohms


        Head 13.5”W 8”H 8.25”D 14 lbs


  •     Point to point construction on terminal strips - no circuit, eyelet or turret board
  •     Carbon Comp resistors
  •     Mallory 150M tone capacitors
  •     DC filments for low noise
  •     Baltic birch head cabinet
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